Get ready for Winter!

Your roof as endured a very windy, wet and hot year! Your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, therefore it is important to make sure it will stand-up to the next set of conditions Winter has to throw at it.

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It is important to make sure you roof is winter ready

From frost to snow to rain, another season of cold weather is approaching. Whilst it maybe some's idea of a perfect season cuddled up in a nice warm house you need to make sure that your roof is in its best condition, something that is sometimes overlooked!

There are some elements you can check for yourself if safe to do so. The first thing for you to look at is your insulation in the floor space of your attic. This will need replacing or topping up overtime. Currently, The recommended depth for loft insulation is 270 millimetres for glass wool, 250 millimetres for rock wool or 220 millimetres for cellulose. This will have a massive impact on heat-loss and ultimately can save you money when it comes to your heating bill.

Whilst your in the attic it is a good idea to check for any holes visible. If you can see daylight through your roof or can see any cracks or tears in the felt this will need to be investigated as a priority. Another element to be inspected are your trusses and rafters, these ultimately hold your roof up, therefore any split, rotten or damaged timber should be repaired or replaced immediately.

From the outside if you can see any missing or damaged tiles or flashing or crumbling mortar this again will need investigation as it can lead to an ingress of water or other issues.

The other thing to check which is sometimes overlooked as its not always visible it the condition of a flat roof. An older flat roof is usually covered in felt. Over time felt will deteriorate and will need replacing. A modern alternative is rubber roofing which has a longer life and is a superior product. As a simple guide of things to check on a flat roof look to see if the roof is holding water, Is the felt or covering cracked, ripped or missing. Check the timber underneath supporting the roof. Is it damp, cracked or rotten ?

The above are just some of the simple things you can do to make sure your roof is in a good condition. If you are experiencing any issues, have found some of the problems as outlined above or would simply like someone to give you a roof inspection please do not hesitate to contact us.

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